Saturday, April 4, 2015

Alphas On The Prowl Box Set Cover Reveal

You read right! It's time to reveal the sexy cover that is Alphas On The Prowl.

Alpha shifters are on the prowl, and they're used to getting what they want. But there's more to claiming a destined mate than raw power, and they'll have to prove themselves worthy – in more ways than one.

Alphas on the Prowl is page after page of passion and pleasure in a box set featuring eleven tantalizing shapeshifter tales from NY Times and USA Today best selling authors.

Look at it. Just look at it. Seriously. Isn't it hot? So sexy. And look at the 3D image below, with all the titles! So exciting. I'll tell you a silly little thing. When I found out that I was teamed up with the wonderfully wicked Gina Kincade (most of you should know that Gina is the CEO of my publishing home, Naughty Nights Press), I fangirled. I squealed, flapped my hands and danced in my seat. I can't help it, that lady rocks! That's all there is to it. I love working with her, and this is a project that she pointed me to, so to be in the same box set as her is extremely exciting. Not to mention all the other best selling authors in the group. I'm in extremely good company with this box set, and I can't wait until the 28th April when this is released. Hold on to your seats, everyone. This is going to get hot and steamy!

Join Tasha Black, Amy Lee Burgess, Lashell Collins, Bethany Shaw, Gina Kincade, Annie Nicholas, Jami Brumfield, Sarah Makela, Anna Lowe, Catherine Vale and myself featuring some extremely hot, new shifter stories!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cover Reveal Lurking In The Deep

Lurking in the Deep

Juniper Grove Book Solutions

Edited By: Jaidis Shaw

To Be Published: May 7th, 2015

Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Does the water beckon you? Your love, or fears, may become greater in this chilling anthology.

From ordinary sea life to creatures of myth, our stories will make you think twice about the

shadowy waters that beckon below. Follow our authors into the depths ... if you dare.

Stories featured in this anthology include the following:

“Song of the Ocean” by Scott A. Butler

“Dark Waters” by Michael Cross & Emma Michaels

“The Broken Seashell” by E.M. MacCallum

“Ribbons & Bones” by Kelly Matsuura

“Tubular Hells” by Beth W. Patterson

“Rhine Maiden” by Isabelle Poldervaart

“A Senseless Eating Machine” by Jef Rouner

“The Reluctant Seamstress” by Jaidis Shaw

“The Water’s Edge” by Jacqueline E. Smith

“Widow’s Cut” by Andrea L. Staum

“Enticing Waters” by Gina A. Watson

Juniper Grove Book Solutions

Be sure to join the authors during the official Facebook launch party on May 7th starting at 6PM

EST! Join the party for fun games and the chance to win several prizes including ebooks, gift

Link to the party:

Monday, March 30, 2015

This is the year of the Phoenix

So, for those who haven't seen on Facebook, I have had some very exciting news come in recently. A few pieces, to be honest. Now which to start with...

I think I'll start with the box set that I'm a part of. Alphas On The Prowl will be published 28th April through Excessica Publishing. There are 11 authors in this box set, some of which are NY Times and USA Today best sellers, so you know the stories have to be of high standard. I'm very pleased to announce that The Wolf In The Neighborhood will be getting re-released by itself as well as in the box set. I honestly can't wait to reveal the cover, this is an extremely exciting venture for me.

But that's not all that has me walking on a cloud right now. The Wolf In The Neighborhood (as is, before the edits I'm currently doing for it) and Once Bitten have both made the top 5 Paranormal entrants for the Easy Chair Bookstore Awards, just as Wolf Smitten has made the top 5 Series entrants. I was over the moon when I found out I'd made not one but two lists, 3 times. Final winners aren't announced until 1 June, but just to make 2 lists, with 35 entrants in the paranormal category alone, and 14 in the series categories, is such an honour that I don't think I'll stop being excited about for a long time.

But wait, there's more! Seriously, I'm not just saying it. I'm also heading in another project, a paranormal anthology with a group of wonderful authors. While details aren't being announced until the end of May, I can tell you that it promises to be a wonderful group of stories, ranging in sub-genres, and will be 16+ friendly. I've made the cover already, because I'm just so excited for it, and the biggest piece of excitement for me is that it will be print-on-demand, as well as available on Kindle. Further details are being discussed, however there won't be long to wait at all until the cover is revealed and posters will be
shared. So stay tuned, there is plenty to come.

I've also entered another contest, one for works in progress, but it's only early days so I have no news I can share about that, except that it's so far so good! And this is all before upcoming news and projects through Naughty Nights Press, my publishing home!

One last bit of news, though. Only slightly related. I'm now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is this Bachelor's Degree, with 48 weeks to go, with a high possibility of getting invited to do Honours, for which I've already decided on what I want to do. On top of that, glutton for punishment that I am *wink wink*, I'm also considering going on to complete a Master's Degree as well. If I'm not crazy by the end of the BA, I'm fairly sure I will be after the MA hahaha.

So it definitely seems to be the year of the Phoenix. I'd love to hear how this year is going for you, as well. Feel free to share any great news you've had, things to look forward to, or even if things are going rough, I honestly want to hear. The comments are open!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Stifled Release Tour

Stifled Release Today we're celebrating the release of STIFLED, book two in the SUMMONED series by USA Today Bestselling author, Rainy Kaye. A dark twist on genie folklore, SUMMONED follows a reluctant criminal as he unravels the mystery of the paranormal bond controlling him. In STIFLED, Dimitri trails an elusive jinn and finds himself in the middle of a community keeping dark secrets. The SUMMONED series is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA. Scroll down to pick up your copy of STIFLED, get SUMMONED for free for a limited time, and enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card.    
Stifled Final 2 PSDDimitri would like nothing more than to live a low-key life in Naples, Italy. His girlfriend, Syd, has other plans. After three months of researching, she is positive she has found a jinn on a killing spree in San Diego, California. Since Syd gave Dimitri the one thing he thought was out of reach, he feels obligated to use his ill-gained talents for her cause. A few hours back in the US proves that Dimitri and Syd didn't quite make the clean escape they had thought. As they trail the elusive jinn, someone else trails them. What should have been a simple trip to confirm once and for all if the jinn are living among humans, instead reveals a community keeping dark secrets. Unfortunately for Dim, the only way out is in. Get your copy here! Haven't read book one yet? No problem! It's currently FREE on Amazon.  
summoned_cover_final_biggerTwenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told?literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker. Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well. When he meets Syd?assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd?he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can?t tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn?t the type to tolerate secrets. Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl?s ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming?the wish that will destroy him.    
summoned free banner
rainykayeRainy Kaye is an aspiring overlord. In the mean time, she blogs at RainyoftheDark and writes paranormal novels from her lair somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA. Someone told her she's a USA Today Bestselling author. She thought there would be cake.      
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

Seriously, someone pinch me! The first two installments in my Wolf Smitten shifter erotic romance trilogy have been really well received so far. The latest reviews on them have left me walking on clouds.
One of the highest compliments a reader/reviewer can give an author, I believe, is that they felt the need to discuss it with someone. As a reader, I've felt that same need from my favourite books. I love discussing my favourite characters, reliving the best scenes through talking about them with like-minded people. So to see that someone has had that same reaction about my own books is... it's exhilarating. I can't thank A. P. Bullard enough for her wonderful reviews! I'm so thrilled to invoke in others the wonderful feelings that I get when I read my favourite books!

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
*** Received complimentary copy from publisher in exchange for honest book 

I started in on Phoenix Johnson’s Once Bitten, Twice Shy immediately after 
finishing the first book in the series, The Wolf in the Neighborhood. The latter 
was a decidedly quick read, but moved along with a fast pace with an 
intensity that belies the typical tropes of the genre.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy provoked expressions of astonishment. It spawned 
excitement and the need for me to have someone to discuss it with. I loved the 
way everything played out, and how the strength of Krissy was expounded on
 in this installment of the Wolf Smitten Series.

The tranquility of Krissy’s and Derek’s lover’s nest comes to an abrupt demise...
You can read both reviews in full on Amazon here (The Wolf In The Neighborhood) and here (Once Bitten Twice Shy), where you can also pick them both up to read for yourself, and maybe give A. P. Bullard the someone to discuss it with.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Forbidden Release Tour

Available for a Limited Time at the special price of $0.99 !

James Alexander Whitmore III, better known as Jaws as a joke among his co-workers, doesn’t even want to be on this cruise he’s been guilted into.

A rule-breaker in his CEO father’s eyes, he’s a software engineer who designs video games. Although, he’s not your typical geek, either, with his muscular body framed by long, dark hair and home to tribal tattoos from his latest successful game.

After traveling around the world to gain certificates as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, Samantha has finally landed her perfect job working on a cruise ship. As a staff member, Sam has the run of the ship. She can fraternize with the passengers, but being caught in flagrante delicto is grounds for immediate dismissal.

While an adventurer, she’s not a rule-breaker, so this poses a problem when she meets Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious. While she can’t imagine fitting into the world of a man who can rent a secluded cabin in the Grand Turks for the five hours they are in port, he just may prove to be her greatest adventure yet, in the bedroom and out.

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Available Now at AmazonAll Romance EbooksNNP Store


“This book is sexy, sweet, funny and absolutely worth devouring! Watching Samantha struggle with her decision and Jaws flirting with destiny had me glued to the pages.” ~5 Stars, Ava Mallory
The romance that flourishes between them is swoon-worthy, and the narrative is far too good to not read all in one setting. I didn’t want to put it down! If there is one thing Kiki Howell knows how to do, it’s write a romance that is the perfect blend of erotic sensuality and passionate romance.Your breath will catch, your face will flush. You will swoon, you will sigh. In the end, you will read the final word with a smile on your face. That’s how you know it’s a great romance.” ~ 5 Stars from AP Bullard, Triskele reviews

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blue Moon House: Slave release tour

Will has no interest in women. He thinks them all animals to be trained, beaten. It doesn't take him long to discover his preference for men, but time and error reveal how wrong view toward women is. Before long, he is able to separate the way he treats women, which is still horrific, from the way he regards women, as fellow human beings.
How does a slave become an equal? What does it take for a young man to see women in a new light?

In the fourth installment of her Blue Moon House series, Angelica introduces Will, a slave boy from the early nineteenth century. You can purchase Slave on Amazon. Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks and Naughty Nights Press.
Angelica Dawson is the author of Blue Moon House, which has been in the top ten best-selling titles at Naughty Nights Press for over six months. She has also written two short stories, “The Highest Bidder” and “Leave Taking” which were each included in anthologies. She contributes flash fiction to several blogging collectives and excerpts from work in progress can also be found on her blog. She is active on Facebook and Twitter.
She has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards – mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires.

Here is an excerpt from Slave:

After switching his attack to her chest, he returned to her legs again. He knew he could continue to strike a spot if he gave enough time between lashes. Then he took hold of the hair between her legs and pulled hard on it.
The woman arched her back and murmured. She wasn’t in pain; she was about to climax. He could feel her skin vibrating with pent up pleasure. She ground into his coiled fingers.
He released her hair and kicked her legs farther apart. He slapped the inside of each thigh and she gyrated more. Gripping the dark, curly hair of her sex, he tugged and she cried out. Again, it wasn’t a plea to stop, rather a call to God. He pulled his hand back and slapped her sex.
“Will!” Terrance called. The woman just bucked harder. He rubbed his palm into her for a moment, and then wound up for another strike.
“Yes,” she groaned, rubbing herself into his hand, her orgasm just about to break loose. He struck her one last time, hitting her sex hard, and she screamed out, her legs closing around his hand as she moaned and writhed. He curled his fingers and slipped them into her canal. She closed her eyes and squeezed happily on him. As she relaxed, he noticed the flush that had spread down her chest, turning her dark skin slightly rosy.
He leaned over her, his hand still cupping her, fingers inserted. He kissed one breast and then took a nipple between his teeth, biting softly. He rolled it between his teeth, his tongue touching the tip before biting down again.
The woman was lost. She thrust into his hand while reaching to pinch her other nipple. “Yes, yes, Master. Hurt me. Fuck, it feels good.”